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The primary rule which was consistently broken by the colonists was that of teetotalism. The first alleged instance of this occurred when the ship arrived in Montevideo.
"Then I discovered a spiritual path, which is still the centre of my life, which involved teetotalism and meditation.
Now, as a father of young children who doesn't get out much and believes teetotalism is unnatural, I have good reason to celebrate cheap supermarket booze.
(51) Newman gave the hypothetical examples of a papal direction to clergy to campaign in favour of teetotalism and a similar direction to hold lotteries for fund-raising purposes.
The author takes readers through this process, which started with ministers demanding teetotalism from their flocks.
Qualey Award in 1991 for his article on Irish teetotalism and drinking customs, published in the Journal of American Ethnic History, and the Institute of History Preservation Award in 2004 for his article on the Casa de Estudillo of Old Town San Diego, published in the Journal of San Diego History.
Berbatov missed the dressing-room celebrations as he was getting drug tested, but was then allowed his champagne despite Ramos' diet demands on his squad that encourages teetotalism.
Also, moderate alcohol consumption--between two and seven drinks per week--may actually protect against the disease, compared with teetotalism, said lead investigator Dr.
Furthermore, compared with teetotalism, moderate alcohol consumption--between 2 and 7 drinks per week--may actually protect against the disease, said the study's lead investigator Dr.
Cruikshank grew fanatical in later life on the subject of abstention from drink, which he preached in pictures displaying the frightful consequences of having a drop too much, but he was unable to practise teetotalism with complete success himself.
(14) Influenced by Western vegetarianism, Gandhi came to regard teetotalism as a foundation for healthful living, a foundation open to everybody, even the poor, to acquire because it did not require reliance upon medical professionals or other expenses.
(99) Despite his contempt for teetotalism, O'Grady was too much a product of Evangelical social norms to grasp the violent and earthy nature of the ethos he mourned.