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However, it's possible and having passed my 90th birthday as a teetotaller, I can testify that it is so.
He was depicted as a hard-drinking malingerer in Michael Caine's 1964 film Zulu on the defence of Rorke's Drift, but was a God-fearing teetotaller in real life.
So far the teetotaller has shunned the pleasures of the whirlpool at dawn with his fellow housemates,preferring to go to bed instead.
TEETOTALLER Kyle Edmund reckons his sacrifices will be worth it on his full Wimbledon debut next week.
The usual glass of wine when you're putting your make-up on, followed by one in the pub and I made George Best look like a teetotaller.
But she didn't celebrating leaving her last pub, the Sandpiper at Biddick Village Centre, Washington, with alcohol ( she's a strict teetotaller.
A teetotaller who drinks a pint of tea every hour,and a vegetarian since 1980,Mr Benn has made a lifelong habit of recording every talk and interview he gives on cassette, dicta phone or minidisc,for fear of being misquoted by the media.
I'm not a teetotaller, and I can understand why a player wants a beer after a game.
The 24-year-old teetotaller, from Shard End, Birmingham, beat Matty Cooper 2-1 after an agonising decider at the Heath-way pub, Shard End.
In fact, for a teetotaller, Pat could really party.
But that these policemen should choose a teetotaller as one of their victims shows an ineptitude that is almost more alarming than their lack of ethics.
A teetotaller, he was born in a pub in Little Bytham but moved to Styvechale Common, Coventry, with his parents when he was a boy.