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Morphological alterations on the Schistosoma tegument were also quantitatively analyzed by counting the tubercles on the dorsal surface of male schistosomes (Fig.
According to Bartoli (1974), a gymnophallid metacercariae can be identified by the following characteristics: small or minute worms, tegument spinose, oral sucker larger than ventral sucker with or without lateral projections, ventral sucker equatorial to postequaturial, excretory vesicle V or Y shaped, with long lateral arms extending to pharyngeal level and filled with excretory granules.
The sculpturing of tegument also retains the same pattern and become denser through ontogenesis.
2-4): Uncus and tegument broad, oblong; gnathos undeveloped; valva triangular; dorsal half and distal field with long hairlike setae; medial field with short strong setae; sacculus densely covered with strong short setae; saccus longer than vinculum, basally round; aedeagus elongate; coecum penis ventrally sclerotized, dorsally membranous; vesica long, covered with numerous minute tile-shape cornuti.
The following characteristics were used: bracteole form, vegetation habit, standard color, wings color, string bean color, string bean transversal section, string bean bending, string bean suture, string bean color at the physiological maturation, wall of the string bean staple fibers, string bean standard tegument, seeds tegument darker color, seeds brightness, seeds form, hypocotyls pigmentation, emergent cotyledon color, color tonality from the chlorophyll leaf, anthocyanin in the leaf, leaf form, leaves persistence, lodging, floral size, bracteoles button size, bracteole/chalice length relation, chalice/bracteole color, wings opening, stiletto/keel relation, string bean position in the plant, string bean apex position and dry string bean color and seeds ribbing.
Between the membrane and the capsid are tegument proteins of various sizes.
13); metasomal segments present abundant and strong granulation, especially on segment V where the carinae are difficult to distinguish from the remaining granules of the tegument (Figs.
Nucleocapsid surrounded by the tegument that consists of globular material, which is frequently asymmetrically distributed and may be variable in amount.
A microvillous tegument was appreciated overlying a thin layer of smooth muscle and a single row of stromal cells.
The virion particle is 160 nm to 200 nm and has the morphologic features typical of herpes virion particles (a central core containing the viral DNA, a 90-nm to 110-nm capsid, and a tegument layer surrounded by a membrane structure) (13).
central process of the tegument not reaching to the tip of the uncus, fold of inner lamella of valve with inconspicuous serration on the dorsal part.