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Instead, we coach them on proper telephone techniques to create a better understanding of what the customer is calling about in order for them to move efficiently through the call.
She also took a communications class to improve her listening skills, telephone techniques and conversation style.
Any savvy business professional, regardless of his/her service or product, shows concern for others and responds to callers, both within and outside the organization, as if the person on the other end of the line is his/her biggest "customer." Here are some basics on good telephone techniques based on customer-focused thinking.
Hospital employees were asked to identify customers (i.e., patients, physicians and their office staff members, hospital employees, nursing and ancillary hospital staff) and were challenged to think of ways to improve customer service by participating on task forces, entering slogan contests, and attending workshops, including a three-hour program on telephone techniques.
Proper telephone techniques also include operating the telephone system properly, how to address the caller, effective listening skills, managing objections, the art of negotiation, the service follow-up call, asking the right questions, making the outbound service call, delivering bad news, managing different caller behaviours, managing the customer call-back, what statements to avoid and closing the conversation.
Training the staff in people skills ranging from good telephone techniques to handling confrontation fosters self-confidence and effectiveness.
The original course curriculum covered 15 individual units of basic instruction on topics such as telephone techniques, broadcast procedures, and interpersonal communication.
Other topics covered during this training include: resume construction; application completion; telephone techniques; finding job leads; and job search organization skills.
More than 90 went on to take part in sessions on interview techniques, completing application forms, one to one and group interviews, telephone techniques and opportunities to update their CV.
David Beckham and Prince Charles would not have got into hot water over their telephone techniques and we wouldn't have the internet, a zillion pornographic websites and the joys of ebay.
The five week course teaches students telephone techniques, interpersonal skills, how to work as part of a team and encourages individuals to use their own initiative to develop and improve skills and knowledge.