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This means that the telescopic crawler can be used shortly after it has finished acting as the LR 1600/2's counterweight.
This is the largest telescopic gangway we've created and the biggest order we have secured for the business.
OUR tallest telescopic lopper just got a whole lot TALLER -lopping out of reach branches needn't be a chore or a safety issue with this new mains-powered lightweight telescopic chainsaw from Eckman.
The telescopic sight system has been developed to help people suffering age-related blindness.
So now you can buy an optional pruner - which is really a mini chain saw - to fit onto the end of the same telescopic handle so you can cut back tall, thick branches while standing safely on the ground.
Lacking the precise details of the design of the Dutch telescope, Galileo failed to distinguish the news from Holland from older tales about alleged telescopic devices.
Creating of a synchronized full-stroke using mechanical kinematic structure between particular components of the telescopic unit can solve these problems mentioned above.
The intricate presentation of constellations ties star lore to current telescopic and satellite examination of star patterns.
This collection of telescopic photos and illustrations by uranographer Wil Tirion and lunar cartographer Antonin Rukl covers all the objects visible in the northern and southern skies.
Includes a two-part telescopic boom with a lift height of roughly 24 feet and a maximum load-bearing capacity of 5 metric tons and an optional XL telescopic boom offering an extended reach and a lift height of roughly 29.
The trucks are equipped with telescopic forks for stacking double deep, and one of the trucks has cold-store specification for operating in temperatures down to--20[degrees]C.