tell again

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The little group would often gather round him of a night and beg him to tell again that story of good Miss Nell who died.
It will not sympathise with my distresses, but then it will not laugh at them, and, if I keep it close, it cannot tell again; so it is, perhaps, the best friend I could have for the purpose.
That name he will tell again, Sir John, to none but you.'
But, when she told him that it was only a Fairy Tale she had one day made up for Maggy, and that there was nothing in it which she wouldn't be ashamed to tell again to anybody else, even if she could remember it, he left the subject where it was.
Miss Garth hears me, and is welcome to tell again. I know young people hang together."
The song ends on the lines "Tell again the one you love, that you have the most faith in her, before the morning never comes again."
Only time will tell again if they can finally be complete, but for now, Forster is choosing to count her blessings.
He would tell, and tell again, of subsisting on a dreary diet of cottage cheese; of making ends meet by working in a dining hall; of inordinately lengthy bus trips back home to visit his sweetheart and future wife; of listening in awe to Professor Milton Konvitz as he held forth eloquently on industrial labor relations; and, most incongruously of all, of having come to Cornell in the first place to study botany.
Braga have won eight of the last ten meetings between the sides and look a good bet at 5-4 to make their class tell again.
I have been invited through Christ to tell again what God has done, is doing and will do in the future for all those who have the faith of Abraham and so become God's children.
1 : to state or tell again <Please repeat the question.>
The under-25 side, chosen from National League Division One downwards, will meet the Scots for the first time at this level and will be hoping to make home advantage tell again having beaten the French Amateur XV in Caerphilly last season.