tell an untruth

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"No, she could not tell an untruth with those eyes," thought the mother, smiling at her agitation and happiness.
"That is different," replied Monte Cristo; "but if you intend to tell an untruth, reflect it were better not to speak at all."
Across 7 Workplace site of recently arrived mail (2-4) 8 Rough-edged (6) 10 Disappear, vanish (2,7) 11 Colour-stain (3) 12 Stretched (9) 14 Tell an untruth (3) 15 Perform in a film (3) 16 Visited without warning (7,2) 18 Lettuce variety (3) 20 Adding salt to (9) 21 Woolly hat decoration (6) 22 Bracelet (6) Down 1 Titter, chuckle (6) 2 Put an end to (5,3) 3 Kneaded (sore muscles) (8) 4 Animal's long tooth (4) 5 Grew older (4) 6 Stick fast (6) 9 Made up (in a book) (9) 13 Ambassador (8) 14 Temporary accommodation (8) 15 Take willingly (6) 17 Pestered, scolded (6) 19 A few (4) 20 Revise hard for exams (4) GN Starting in the highlighted box, try to make a word adding one word part from each layer as you go.
"The duke is a man who does not know how to tell an untruth or behave dishonourably.
Even when someone says: "Do you like my new dress?" Rather than tell an untruth, for the sake of keeping the peace I have been known to say: "No Fred.
If you tell an untruth 100 times, there is a good chance you will believe it is the truth.
Truth is a matter of content; lying is a matter of intent." It's quite possible, for example, to tell an untruth without intending to deceive.
"It's a new technique which was discovered by researchers in the States who found that there is an involuntary impulse that happens when you tell an untruth," he tells me.