tell apart

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In Malaysia, the two semifinalists who performed for Bolton were easier to tell apart in terms of style and gender, so we participated in the vetting process more proactively.
It is a stroke of luck really that some of the most important meats turn out to have fat signatures that we can tell apart so easily with this method", said Dr Kate Kemsley.
The Big Bang Fair's jewels also contain thousands of laboratory-grown crystals, which are almost impossible to tell apart from the real thing with the naked eye.
M2 PHARMA-October 3, 2014-MD Anderson Cancer Center to study ability of VolitionRx's NuQ tests to tell apart 2 types of prostate cancer
And we must tell apart the Palestinian resistance from the ungrateful.
However, he said they needed enough time to tell apart from fraudulent ballots and ensure the public mandate had been respected.
When you look at all of the brain activity, you can tell apart signals that are engaged in processing each stimulus.
The characters are rather underdeveloped and, at times, are difficult to tell apart from one another; and while Miranda shines in action scenes, she feels faded the rest of the time.
Whittled down to a mere 20 contestants -- ten boys and ten girls -- they underwent a whole day of theoretical and practical training under the guidance of staff from Ajmal and perfumer partners, Firmenich, to tell apart jasmines from their jatrophas, in a manner of speaking.
Georgieva argued that a large portion of the refugees were children and women and they were not going to do any harm, but stressed that the authorities had to be able to tell apart refugees from illegal immigrants and to decide whether they were to be granted refugee status or returned to their home countries.
In a world where younger is a byword for better and Hollywood stars are so pinched, pulled, sucked, stuffed and injected that they are becoming hard to tell apart, these women weren't so much a breath of fresh air as a fashion gale force wind.
The standards are to help consumers tell apart Bulgarian products from the rest, Novinite.