tell apart

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They must educate children at a younger age to keep a distance with people who aren't their immediate family, and how to tell apart any kind of abnormal behavior, and to talk to their parents about it openly rather than being ashamed or scared of repercussions.
Both men will be wearing space suits with blue stripes on them so the two will be difficult to tell apart during the walk.
Loud noises aren't the only things the characters in Gaza Weddings are unable to tell apart. The book, translated by Nancy Roberts and newly published by Hoopoe Fiction, is alternately narrated by Randa, an aspiring journalist, and her neighbour Amna.
Fact is, the two singers were not that easy to tell apart in terms of looks, projection, verve and charisma in performance-so, when Bolton said he had a hard time making his choice (Lance), we believed him.
'Like you can tell apart a genuine cash bill from its fake version by just testing its texture, tone and quality; same way you will be able to do in case of SU degrees after they are printed at Pakistan Security Printing', he reiterated.
Set in Glasgow's grittier corners, the novel assembles its motley cast: sadistic crime boss Boddice, unwilling enforcer Davie Prentice, wary Kyle, a pair of twins no one can ever seem to tell apart, and tech expert Boag, who uses the children's game Operation and other "DIY crap" as inspiration for his gadgetry.
Kaz and Ruby's alternating points of view can be difficult to tell apart, but this speaks to the ways they overlap as friends.
If this race difference which is much more profound than the one between the GC's and the TC's, who are hard (or impossible) to tell apart after over 400 years together, is used by the BNP to incite hatred through racial unrest, would the authorities start programmes to educate the population for inter racial harmony, or allow the separatists their demands for safety under a federation.
"It is a stroke of luck really that some of the most important meats turn out to have fat signatures that we can tell apart so easily with this method", said Dr Kate Kemsley.
M2 PHARMA-October 3, 2014-MD Anderson Cancer Center to study ability of VolitionRx's NuQ tests to tell apart 2 types of prostate cancer
However, he said they needed enough time to tell apart from fraudulent ballots and ensure the public mandate had been respected.
When you look at all of the brain activity, you can tell apart signals that are engaged in processing each stimulus.