tell lies

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"In the first place, I did not ask him to give you any message; and secondly, I never tell lies. But what's the chief point, I wanted to stay, and I stayed," he said, frowning.
"Besides, monsieur, I long to live once more among Protestants; they are more honest than Catholics; a Romish school is a building with porous walls, a hollow floor, a false ceiling; every room in this house, monsieur, has eyeholes and ear-holes, and what the house is, the inhabitants are, very treacherous; they all think it lawful to tell lies; they all call it politeness to profess friendship where they feel hatred."
"On the contrary, monsieur--the children are the most sincere; they have not yet had time to become accomplished in duplicity; they will tell lies, but they do it inartificially, and you know they are lying; but the grown-up people are very false; they deceive strangers, they deceive each other--"
And the metaphysicians would win by if they had to tell lies to do it.
"Topsy," said Miss Ophelia, "don't you now it's wicked to tell lies?"
"Topsy, I shall have to whip you, if you tell lies so."
"I don't think that I tell lies, and I don't think that Ralph tells lies, do you, Ralph?" Mary continued.
"Lie not, but let thy heart be true to God, Thy mouth to it, thy actions to them both: Cowards tell lies, and those that fear the rod; The stormy-working soul spits lies and froth
'Ay; and he did not tell lies, or return me to captivity.'
Those who ran away from the field were now teaching others how to tell lies, she added.
"Rahul Gandhi and Congress only tell lies. One lie is on Rafale deal, another lie was on the matter of farmer's loan waiver.
class="MsoNormalWHY DO WE TELL LIES? class="MsoNormalThe intriguing question, however, is why people should set aside a whole day to celebrate the telling of lies.