tell secrets

See: betray, inform
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The merry going to bed would have been the best of all, for Rose wanted someone to cuddle under the blue blanket with her, there to whisper and giggle and tell secrets, as girls delight to do.
If eyes can tell secrets, she must have discovered, in my eyes, that I hungered and thirsted to see her in the hangman's hands.
It is wonderful too what she knows; you can't tell secrets in Latin before HER.
VIRGO August 24 - September 23 The Sun brings out your need to express yourself, but be careful who you tell secrets to.
Next to them, from the Soviet era, is a set of seven KGB Secret Police dolls (although one is a prisoner) with Russian writing that translates to: "Don't tell secrets, spies are everywhere" on the largest.
I want to create images that tell secrets and blow wide open the idea that there is one way to move through the world.
Name: Holly Connor Age: Nine Lives: Dovecot Favourite teacher: Miss McEwan as at the end of lessons we get to draw and do fun activities Strengths: Numeracy, English Could do better: Science Interests: Drawing and playing the guitar Hero: Headteacher Mrs Whittaker as she is someone you can tell secrets to
Ring now to hear which sign you mustn''t tell secrets to.
Don't tell secrets, which are not yours to share, or they will come back on you.
The other night, we have a scene in the underground and there is a big poster up, a cartoon almost, about 'don't tell secrets, you never know who is listening'.