tell the future

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Korean shamans, also called "mudang," communicate with the spirits to predict someone's future, while a fortune-teller uses physiognomy to tell the future, or prophecies based on the Book of Changes, four pillars or Eastern philosophy.
The business of mind reading goes back to the ancient Greeks who had oracles and seers who could tell the future.
The problem is, if you can't tell the future from today, gathering more information won't help determine what will happen.
Next few days will tell the future course of trade through Attari," said Singh.
I like to say that with this tool we can tell the future.
I am paid poorly for my ministrations but here, you can tell the future we are on our way, pulling up the last of the gangplanks, soiled now but look, they were once carved of agate, or was it beryl, nobody gets this right anymore: the vet crossing the lawn with her umbrella in one hand and something else I can't see (in the other) what all the fuss is about, we share our bodies with other organisms continually, chemicals administered within the experiment such that Liftoff.
Nostradamus could apparently tell the future but his writings were so vague and incomprehensible that they could be interpreted to mean just about anything.
I don't know what is going to happen in the world of work because I can't tell the future, but you can get a good idea about the way it's heading.
VCCCI member Nitin Dossa said that he main objective of the rally was to tell the future generation about the old heritage of automobiles.
The plotisabsurd a society of assassins descended from ancient weavers who tell the future in strands of thread
I stayed for a day or two because no-one can tell the future, predicting injuries, but then had to go.
He had done his time, and was coming home a hero with medals on his chest and stories his own grandchildren would tell the future generations.