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TELLER. An officer in a bank or other institution. He is said to take that name from tallier, or one who kept a tally, because it is his duty to keep the accounts between the bank or other institution and its customers, or to make their accounts tally. In another sense teller signifies a person appointed to receive votes. In England the name of teller is given to certain officers in the exchequer.

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Live Teller is a video-based interactive technology that allows customers to conduct transactions and banking services driven by a centrally based teller, through a "highly engaging" real-time video/audio interaction, QIB has said in a press statement.
Part-time tellers processed transactions 83% of the time they were at work, compared to 72% for full-time tellers.
In addition to Cheque deposit and encashment, the Interactive Teller will provide QNB customers with adequate privacy and security to execute their transactions using private touchscreens via secured video and voice communication sessions that will be recorded for quality service.
The Interactive Teller allows the alizz customer to execute all branch banking features such as cash withdrawals above the daily limit, cash deposits, cheque deposit, cheque encashment, credit card payments, and money transfers.
26 November 2014 -- Hawaii US-based First Hawaiian Bank said that its newly-opened Waiakea branch includes video teller services provided by US transaction technology firm NCR's (NYSE: NCR) NCR Interactive Services.
Video tellers can have this same ability but with a huge benefit--the ability to close that product sale on the spot--whether through a handoff to a branch associate or to another video center of expertise.
Teller and Oppenheimer had had a difficult relationship, dating from the time that they were both at Los Alamos during the war.
This director adds that while tellers may be safe behind bandit barriers, clients and customer-service representatives are fully exposed.
QNB will now be able to give its customers live face-to-face interaction with experienced tellers at the interactive teller machine, delivering a highly personalised, differentiated experience any time of day or night, he said.
The NCR Interactive Teller units are now available at Fubon Bank s recently remodeled branch at Queen s Road East in Wanchai and will also be available in a new branch to be opened in the Western District in late November.