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TELLER. An officer in a bank or other institution. He is said to take that name from tallier, or one who kept a tally, because it is his duty to keep the accounts between the bank or other institution and its customers, or to make their accounts tally. In another sense teller signifies a person appointed to receive votes. In England the name of teller is given to certain officers in the exchequer.

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The NCR Interactive Teller units are now available at Fubon Bank s recently remodeled branch at Queen s Road East in Wanchai and will also be available in a new branch to be opened in the Western District in late November.
The Interactive Teller provides an effective state-of-the-art approach to expand a bank's network with branch transactions without the physical set up of an office.
Much to your surprise, a teller pops up on screen and greets you by name.
PALMDALE -- A real estate investor robbed of $20,805 in cash in a bank parking lot after a teller refused to give him a cashier's check is suing Washington Mutual.
One large east-coast bank has for years trained tellers to walk away from note-passers if they feel comfortable doing so.
NCR APTRA Interactive Teller brings intimate customer experience through a self-service device
By centralizing tellers, FHB will be able to expand teller service hours an additional 15 hours per week, from 7 a.
NCR Corporation has announced the launch of its APTRA™ Interactive Teller solution for MEA, starting with the Middle East at an event in Dubai on 18 April.
Tellers would be responsible for cross selling and mentioning new products and services.
credit union in membership, has selected Oracle's Siebel applications for financial services as the foundation for a new fully automated teller solution.
While some brandish guns, scream obscenities and threaten nervous employees, others are polite and wait in line with other customers before passing a discreet note to the teller, she said.