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TELLER. An officer in a bank or other institution. He is said to take that name from tallier, or one who kept a tally, because it is his duty to keep the accounts between the bank or other institution and its customers, or to make their accounts tally. In another sense teller signifies a person appointed to receive votes. In England the name of teller is given to certain officers in the exchequer.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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definitely not telling the truth that the suspects they killed really fought back?'
In all cases, the team found that lying took longer than telling the truth.
Lynn, Americans United executive director, was also taken aback by the ruling, telling the Home News Tribune that the judge had misconstrued constitutional law.
But, as I learned, we need not necessarily fear telling others.
For his part, Chabon merely argues that telling a story--even a farfetched one--is a legitimate way of talking with his readers about his work as a creative writer.
LAB LIES By studying large groups of participants, researchers have identified certain general behaviors that liars are more likely to exhibit than are people telling the truth.
Children will invent story structure by telling and writing stories.
He was speaking Spanish to Wanda, telling her it was very necessary for him to bring the clippers back to him when he went to visit David.
Telling a story is easier when you have thought about it for awhile before telling it to an audience.
Am I better off telling the entire story and my version of how this thing started?' Let's handle these questions one at a time, keeping each concern in its proper perspective and not letting it run wild.
Somehow, a nurse didn't know that congenital means "from or at birth"; her doctor was telling her that her daughter did not "catch" her cataracts as a result of her mother's Gulf duty.