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At Baladi restaurant in Jeita, Nadya Baroud says she considers her work telling fortunes to be chosen for her from God.
Section 365 of the Criminal Code describes the offence of fraudulently "pretending" to practice witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration; telling fortunes, and attempting to locate stolen or lost property by using "skill in or knowledge of an occult or crafty science.
On the bridge, a man is telling fortunes - a bird in a cage hops out and picks out a bit of paper with your fortune neatly typed out - a cryptic paragraph with a dire warning about some accident or misfortune.
Mr Dickinson also spoke of having a police gun fired at him during a midnight pursuit, and telling fortunes on the streets of Istanbul to make ends meet.
She can see the threads, and makes money telling fortunes at her high school.
Telling fortunes was one thing (and there were plenty of Gipsy Rose Leas around who could offer that service); but being able to affect the future was much more promising.
If you're expecting brightly painted, horse-drawn caravans with people telling fortunes, forget it.
Om Saran, a 60-year-old who has been telling fortunes for 20 years, said few people during the festival are interested in consulting with fortunetellers.
BORN into a Romany family and having spent her infancy living in a horse-drawn wagon travelling between Liverpool and Manchester, Patrinella Cooper has all the right credentials to pen a book about healing herbs, telling fortunes and protection against ill luck.
Our guide told us it would be interesting to see if we mistake the wax monks for the "real" monk who is telling fortunes and giving advice.