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Tellurian is developing a liquefied natural gas terminal facility and an associated pipeline in Southwest Louisiana.
A (Paris:FP) and Tellurian Investments Inc announced on Tuesday the acquisition by Total of approximately 23% of Tellurian at USD5.
Tellurian will partner with Bechtel to construct the plants and have selected Chart Industries for liquefaction technology, building on long-term relationships developed by both Souki and Houston.
With this unique corporate gift item, "companies would not have only the opportunity to promote their business and their brand in the corporate world, but also, chase away their competition, by making sure their clients remember them all year long," says the Managing Director at Tellurian Book Production.
The vocabulary is appropriately science-fictional: light-year (correctly used as a unit of distance), galaxies, Tellurian as a somewhat grandiose term for Earthly.
She lives in the depths of the woods, or in abandoned mines, and manifests a malefic action over humans, symbolizing in the same time the forces of nature and of the tellurian powers.
I want to insist on a fourth criterion of the genuine partisan, one that Jover Zamora has called his tellurian character.
dead planet to the Tellurian eye blue planet Telluria's gravity
And his saturnine face could be called handsome if you overlooked its heavy, tellurian sadness.
Cryptozoological bloodworms, Dune's sandworms, JT Petty's Burrowers, Alvanson and Negarestani's sentient oil and rat-swarms and machines that are digging: the ground beneath our feet is teeming with chthonic monsters, tellurian presences that chew through earth and nestle in burrows and reach up and snag and snare and pull back down into shifting dirt.
A significant factor in Wynright's recent growth was its 2009 acquisition of Tellurian, a robotics company in Texas, which was its fastest growing business unit in 2010.
Written before the devastating 2009 Haitian earthquake, La Main et autres poemes could have been inspired to a great tellurian poet by the compass of his premonitory intelligence.