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2014) Interpretation of magneto telluric results using laboratory measurements.
A total of 77 strains were obtained from two varieties of potato vegetal material and its rhizospheric soils (40 telluric actinomycetes, 25 endophytic actinomycetes and 12 fluorescent Pseudomonas spp.
His decision to use the pseudonym of Miguel Torga reflected his telluric closeness to the inhospitable nature of the Portuguese mountains.
Sappho built a metaphysics of the body through image idealization, constructed by Blaga in modern myth between the profound, telluric dimension and the superior dimension of ideality.
Maternity and a telluric re-conceptualization of nature and the land, as well as a discourse of mourning for the bodies lost in the war against the U.
There was a belief which claimed that American native view was determined by telluric or mythical forces along with transculturated/mix raced worldviews that gave a peculiar treatment to the land, a treatment that Eurocentrism has failed to decipher.
However, I begin with Schmitt's considerations of territory and the conflict between the telluric logic, the sea logic and the air logic as presented in his work The Nomos of the Earth in the International Law of the Jus Publicum Europaeum (Schmitt 2003).
Faults are electromagnetic hot zones where electrical currents from the atmosphere are interacting with the subsurface currents called telluric or Earth currents.
Curnow is apt to trope on this telluric ventriloquism by allowing the earth to speak for itself, albeit via the indicative conduit of signification, which is as much as a poet can expect and be expected to do.
birds take wing / and swoop as if by rite, then settle, while we cultivate / accord--full harmonies, deep resonance, telluric words.
A month or two preceding opposition the earth was approaching the planet rather rapidly, at least rapidly enough for the water vapor absorption lines of the Martian atmosphere to be displaced (according to the Doppler-Fizeau principle) to the violet of the telluric lines.
Naturally, when I moved up here I decided to catalogue all of what I consider holy sites: the pilgrimage sites, where interesting spiritual or political events took place which were connected to the Earth in some kind of telluric way.