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Maybe Sleigh is right that it's likely to be temerarious for us to say.
On the one hand, it is obvious that manifold difficulties await anyone temerarious enough to attempt a description or definition of Islam as a single phenomenon.
It is temerarious to base a theory of the play on a rewritten passage.
But because this is thy first iourney and enterprise, neither thi flyeng shall redounde to thy shame, nor thy death to thy glory: for as hardy a [sic] man wisely flieth, as a temerarious person folishely abidethe, therefore the fleying of me shalbe the dishonor, not only of me and my progenie, but also a discomfiture of all my company: thy departure shal saue thy lyfe, and make the[e] able another tyme, if I be slayn to reuenge my death and to do honor to thy Prince, and profyt to his Realme.
It is perhaps ridiculous and maniacal to imagine, not to mention temerarious to suggest, that flow Chart, or at least the title (which Ashbery claims usually to pick first), represents a manner of taunt, a deadpan translation of Molesworth's phrase, "the flow of the poem's display of itself.
It's temerarious to suggest peace is about to be declared between Israel and the Palestinians.