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Pity, then, poor Paul Clement, jibbed by Derby County last week for having the temerity to aim for the Premier League.
I would never have the temerity to say that food banks are unnecessary but there must be plenty of unscrupulous people out there who will jump on the band wagon where anything is free.
Down: 1 Temerity, 2 Ion, 3 Utter, 4 Organic, 5 Etna, 6 Amen, 7 Ta-ta, 11 Site, 12 Turn, 13 Asteroid, 15 Eclipse, 18 Ensue, 19 Inch, 20 Stag, 21 Nana, 24 Lee.
Mr Robinson said: "If Mr Kearney has the temerity to describe his speech as reconciliation then I suspect he would regard a kneecapping as physiotherapy.
Bobby Jindal for having the temerity to come here to lecture Iowans about their judges," the Des Moines Register wrote.
YOUR report on the gerrymandering of public health resources (The Journal, July 7) is a damning indictment of the Government's bias against those who live in parts of the country that have the temerity not to vote for it.
He had the temerity to propose that Osama Bin Laden had been deliberately provided such a high profile sanctuary , because Pakistan's intelligence outfit wanted his services for its 'future operations' (
If any callers to the phone-in had the temerity to suggest England's game plan was down to good use of a friendly to experiment with tactics that might one day be used in a competitive fixture they were given no air time by the opinionated host.
Furthermore, they have the temerity to approach Carmarthenshire County Council for a grant of about pounds 20,000 to employ a development officer, to work in conjunction with Coleg Sir Gar - a further education institution that does not rely on funding from the local authority.
An unidentified man in Houston had the temerity to snatch a purse from Sandra Hulsey in the parking lot of a Home Depot on November 1 while her husband, Norman, was only steps away on the other side of the couple's pickup truck.
Now that pattern is being repeated in Australia as Freddie Flintoff's men almost apologise for having the temerity to take the Ashes from under Australian noses and are indulging in a humiliating show of reconciliation.