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Ang mga layunin namin sa party na ito ay maipakita na walang pinagkaiba ang pasismo na inihandog ni Marcos sa pasismong inihahandog ni Duterte,' Belle Castillo, a member of Temperamental Brats, said.
30pm) ARKWRIGHT may no longer be manning the temperamental till and Granville is looking a lot older, but in some other respects it feels like little has changed in the famous corner shop which first opened its doors in the original series of Open All Hours.
Amazingly, cattle can be temperamental too, which influences how they should be handled, how they perform, and even how they react to viruses that cause diseases.
Put up for adoption by Dubai-based animal group Friends of Animals, Obama was high-strung and temperamental, but he had little difficulty finding a new home, thanks to his illustrious name.
But one expert familiar with the collection said it was unlikely that more than a few at most were actually done by Caravaggio and that none show the mature hand of the temperamental artist.
bar] Mario Balotelli, temperamental Italian striker with Manchester City, sent off during his team's defeat against Arsenal.
He turned out to be a temperamental control-freak whose economic reforms are meager and whose foreign policy is disastrous.
THE temperamental but talented Rakti was one of the best horses Jarvis trained - and he thought he was the best.
We know South Americans are impulsive and temperamental and cannot lose," said the usually soft-spoken Lahm.
Tanvir is convinced that Akhtar, who makes an international comeback after an eventful year in the wilderness, would be a changed man on his return and expected him to do well, provided he retains his fitness, which has always been an issue with the temperamental pacer.
Fast, furious and temperamental, his love of fags and booze, combined with throat cancer and a chaotic life, has now taken its toll and he can only eat baby food.
But there can be no excuse for the abuse of Norwegian Tom Henning Ovrebo led by the temperamental striker Didier Drogba.