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Whether they understand it or not the fact however remains, that taste and temperament have, to a certain extent been created in the public, and that the public is capable of developing these qualities.
In both of these theatres there have been individual artists, who have succeeded in creating in their audiences - and every theatre in London has its own audience - the temperament to which Art appeals.
A temperament capable of receiving, through an imaginative medium, and under imaginative conditions, new and beautiful impressions, is the only temperament that can appreciate a work of art.
The criticism, partly true, that he was not designed by Nature to be a poet but made himself one by hard work rests on his intensely, and at the outset coldly, intellectual and moral temperament.
For them Arnold had sincere theoretical sympathy (though his temperament made it impossible for him to enter into the same sort of personal sympathy with them as did Ruskin); but their whole environment and conception of life seemed to him hideous.
It's the temperament of a saint," declared the great lady in a firm tone.
It is only when our appointed activities seem by a lucky accident to obey the particular earnestness of our temperament that we can taste the comfort of complete self- deception.
Introduction: The objective of this study was to investigate affective temperaments of parents of children with ADHD and the relationship between ADHD and affective temperaments.
People born at certain times of the year have a far greater chance of developing certain types of temperaments, which can lead to mood disorders, the telegraph reported.
This instrument has been used previously with the Spanish population for the study of children's temperaments (Gonzalez et al.
This is a reflection of the individuals' temperaments and not affective symptoms associated with PTSD.
An important facet of every organization and team is communication particularly when dealing with individuals with different temperaments, communication may need to be expressed in different channels.