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He has created in the public both taste and temperament. The public appreciate his artistic success immensely.
In both of these theatres there have been individual artists, who have succeeded in creating in their audiences - and every theatre in London has its own audience - the temperament to which Art appeals.
A temperament capable of receiving, through an imaginative medium, and under imaginative conditions, new and beautiful impressions, is the only temperament that can appreciate a work of art.
Illusion, Temperament, Succession, Surface, Surprise, Reality, Subjectiveness,--these are threads on the loom of time, these are the lords of life.
The criticism, partly true, that he was not designed by Nature to be a poet but made himself one by hard work rests on his intensely, and at the outset coldly, intellectual and moral temperament. He himself, in modified Puritan spirit, defined poetry as a criticism of life; his mind was philosophic; and in his own verse, inspired by Greek poetry, by Goethe and Wordsworth, he realized his definition.
'The Populace,' the 'vast raw and half-developed residuum.' For them Arnold had sincere theoretical sympathy (though his temperament made it impossible for him to enter into the same sort of personal sympathy with them as did Ruskin); but their whole environment and conception of life seemed to him hideous.
It's the temperament of a saint," declared the great lady in a firm tone.
It is only when our appointed activities seem by a lucky accident to obey the particular earnestness of our temperament that we can taste the comfort of complete self- deception.
Some studies in the last decade have confirmed that affective temperaments are subthreshold clinical forms of classical mood disorders, which predispose to mood disorders.
figure By FLORENCE BETT class="MsoNormalRemember when people harped on about temperaments? About introverts, extroverts and emotional stability, and how it impacted on your temperament?
With the precedent for meantone temperaments on the lute and viol established, Dolata turns to the mathematical theory underpinning this and other related tuning schemes in the book's second section.
Prof: Achar Abid Dolat ram encouraged the students to set higher aims in life and remarked that Science and its temperaments should be used in a balanced way to lead a simple and a happy life.