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Furthermore, central Arctic studies, including one examining AIRS thermodynamic profiles, have demonstrated that temperature inversions are often accompanied by humidity inversions (Devasthale et al.
Education Minister Ali-Asghar Fani said, "We don't know exactly when temperature inversion will occur, so we can't schedule a winter break.
Unmanned aerial vehicle with data acquisition capabilities was built and used for the investigation of temperature inversions above the city of Sarajevo.
We found no evidence that moose utilized higher elevations for thermal advantage during temperature inversions in extreme cold weather.
To assess the likelihood that wind machines could ward off frost, Battany is part of a team that is surveying springtime temperature inversions in vineyards in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Sonoma counties.
Tehran being surrounded in an archshape western and south eastern current, does not have any refining quality, thus Tehran air in most of the time is static and motionless and as a result this situation will lead to dangerous phenomena called air or temperature inversion [3].
Weather patterns and topographical features in Salt Lake County, Utah, are optimal for the formation of winter temperature inversions (hereafter referred to as inversions) (Gillies et al.
Analyzing the amount of precipitation each month, we see high-risk months for the occurrence of risk events (floods, torrential) and one risk factor is the occurrence of temperature inversions that can trigger sudden melting of snow and flash floods triggered by, torrents, which can have a great impact on the destruction of forest roads, bridges and breaking of trees.
The valley site at Trecwn is narrow-floored, steep-sided and subject to temperature inversions in times of windless high pressure when the "peaking plant" would be needed.
Whitetails are born with the ability to detect pressure and other general weather conditions, and they prepare and protect themselves when they "know" bad weather is coming their way Man, on the other hand, must monitor pressure changes, weather systems, temperature fluctuations, wind speeds, prognostic charts, wind gradient maps, temperature inversions, cloud types, etc, all through the use of the Internet or other weather-related tools.
Warming Arctic air is causing temperature inversions, causing a light refraction which makes the sun to appear to be in a different position.

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