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When David decides to purchase a "slab" of Mock Turtle on the Strand, for instance, his mental and physical processes are reproduced in the exact order in which they supposedly took place on his temporal plane (the explanatory label in the shop window being seen after the first, defamiliarizing appearance of the marble-like thing itself).
The author realized a work in which he studied the anatomical asymmetries between the cerebral hemispheres, drawing attention to the asymmetry observed in the temporal plane, and also highlighting that the same is difficult to study in recently autopsied cadavers due to low density, thus suggesting that the same can only be analyzed with greater rigor after fixation in formol or in another way.
Adeterminacy is, as I have argued, a defining quality of the super-present; this temporal plane seems to exist outside the experience of time in the timeless, static space of memory.
These diseases include "the Desiccated Present" - that moment of temporality in which the present becomes displaced within the temporal sequence; "the Isolated Present" - a region of temporality in which the present becomes isolated from any larger narrative framework; "Hypothetical Time" - the temporal plane where time seems little more than a series of innocuous hypotheticals, a rehearsal of possibilities for another, more significant temporal sequence; and "Multiple Time" - the temporal moment that functions upon a multiplicity of times-capes that exist simultaneously, and where every possibility becomes fully actualized.
15) Emphasizing the experiential nature of this complex and multiple temporality, Gurevich argues that it shapes how medieval Christians experienced time, feeling themselves "on two temporal planes at once: on the plane of local transient life, and on the plane of those universal-historical events which are of decisive importance for the destinies of the world--the Creation, the birth, and the Passion of Christ.
Besides mixing various temporal planes of narration as well as the temporalities inherent in the media of photography and film, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives also combines references to various eras of film history.