temporarily established

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KU Chuvashuprdor of the Ministry of Transport of Chuvashia reminds that for the purpose of road safety from April 2 to May 1, 2018, a temporary restriction of the traffic of vehicles traveling along regional highways with the excess of the temporarily established maximum permissible loads per axle is introduced on the territory of the republic .
LANDI KOTAL -- As many as 65 primary schools temporarily established in tents as substitute for the fully damaged schools in different parts of Bara have been awaiting reconstruction since their opening in 2014.
According to details, on the directives of the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Riaz Khan Mehsud, the Additional Assistant Commissioner (AAC) Bashir Ahmad conducted crackdown against temporarily established illegal encroachments in Khushal Bazaar and arrested 45 persons for displaying goods outside their shops.
The AAC, Imran Khan arrested 21 profiteers from Shuba Bazaar and Namak Mandi areas and also removed temporarily established encroachments.
He said the camp was temporarily established until refugees return to their country, noting that refugees didn't evacuate the camp in accordance with the decision.
Alliance were quoted as saying that Bulgaria violates the memorandum setting up the facility signed by Sofia, Athens and Warsaw.The Defense Ministry maintains the CMDR Center is a temporarily established structure which is to oversee the creation of the NATO facility.
The central hubs will be connected via voice, SMS, imaging, and videoconferencing technology to once-a-week clinics in smaller centers that would be temporarily established. The hub will be equipped with an IT platform that will link with medical diagnostic equipment such as digital stethoscopes and digital ECGs to facilitate remote patient diagnosis and medical consultation.
8 -- Elementary and Secondary Education (E&SE) Department has constituted teams for monitoring of relief camps temporarily established for flood affectees at various state-run schools in the worst affected districts of the province, says a handout.
Additionally, the department has temporarily established direct oversight of major Air Force programs during this leadership transition period in the Air Force.
This moth is an erratic visitor, absent for many years and then appearing in Britain in often good numbers, as in 1870, 1888, 1955 and 1973, when it became temporarily established for a few years.
In this connection, Additional Assistant Commissioner (AAC), Ahmad Kamal conducted raids in Badhber and Chamkani areas of the district and arrested 15 profiteers while temporarily established encroachments in bazaars were also removed.
He said the camp was temporarily established until the refugees return to their country, demanding the Southerners to adjust their status according to the provisions of the immigration and nationality act and within the timeframe determined by the ministry of interior so as not to be exposed to legal accountability.