temporary arrangement

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The purely temporary arrangement thus proposed might have been convenient enough to the young lady, but it proved somewhat embarrassing to the writer of these lines.
He said the fact the teachers had been constantly carrying chairs and tables around the school while the temporary arrangement was in place was event of their ``heroic'' efforts.
But it is only a temporary arrangement and if we were given notice to move out we would have a problem.
It's purely a temporary arrangement because my knee just isn't up to regular football.
G Set For Temporary Arrangement To Run The Pump House For Water Supply To The Resident Of Mint Colony As Well As Mint Factory.
The work may relate to maintenance, new work and permanent or temporary arrangement.
The cabinet panel on financial affairs decided that in case of special priority projects the related ministry can follow direct procurement as a temporary arrangement.
Tenders are invited for Services for arrangement of temporary during vacations and other services on a temporary arrangement of (service children%s and student summer camps) (Code CC 021: 2015 - 55243000-5 - Services camps) code DK 016-2010-55.
There will be no noticeable impact to fire and EMS response due to this temporary arrangement.
We always knew that it was a temporary arrangement and remain keen to find a permanent home, but we are thrilled to have been found an alternative unit here so we can stay on site on the same basis.
Vice Chairman Travel Agents Association, Nadeem Sharif, added that this was a temporary arrangement, adding that he believes the service would resume from the start of the New Year.
But they expressed apprehension that the designation of PDEA as the sole agency to wage war on drugs was a temporary arrangement designed to just tone down criticism of the bloodshed that went with the antidrug campaign.

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