temporary arrangement

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The purely temporary arrangement thus proposed might have been convenient enough to the young lady, but it proved somewhat embarrassing to the writer of these lines.
Barca would prefer to sell Coutinho outright and are likely to want about PS21million for a temporary arrangement.
'This, a temporary arrangement, an interim arrangement, with Kapitan [tycoon Lucio Tan] as acting president and Vivienne Tan assisting day-to-day operations.
He recalled that under the Karachi Agreement of 1949, the AJK government had handed over the temporary arrangement of GB to the government of Pakistan.
Even this is only a temporary arrangement. Furthermore, the UK will be able to trade in more areas with the EU than Canada presently can and strike better trade deals than Norway is able to do.
Gwynedd Council deputy leader Cllr Dafydd Meurig said: "This will be a temporary arrangement to avoid disrupting children's journey mid term from school.
Production capacity at Tesla's Fremont factory is already running at its maximum, so a temporary arrangement is needed to support the present volume of Model 3 output.
For now, a temporary arrangement can be made for the village and a proper bridge will be constructed after the rainy season," she told ANI.
The government, in the first week of March, issued a belated advertisement for the seat of Drap CEO, a post which will remain under temporary arrangement till the appointment of a permanent head.
There will be no noticeable impact to fire and EMS response due to this temporary arrangement. Residents and businesses will continue to receive the highest level of service from the Elk Grove Village Fire Department.
"We always knew that it was a temporary arrangement and remain keen to find a permanent home, but we are thrilled to have been found an alternative unit here so we can stay on site on the same basis."
Vice Chairman Travel Agents Association, Nadeem Sharif, added that this was a temporary arrangement, adding that he believes the service would resume from the start of the New Year.

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