temporary closing

See: lockout
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In conjunction, the company expect the the Attorney Federal to lift the partial and temporary closing of the steelworks located in Apizaco, Tlaxcala from the period 18 September to 22 September 2017.
The temporary closing of Honda's plant is just the latest effect of the ransomware attack, and is evidence residual attacks are still happening even though the attack is largely over.
A fire that ravaged a community of informal settlers in Muntinlupa Wednesday morning caused a tower of the National Power Corporation (NPC) to lean towards the Alabang flyover and forced the temporary closing to traffic of the viaduct.
The structural works include site equipment (site management container as needed), earthworks, transportation and installation of the deposited in the storage place Earth masses (the time for loading and transport back to the building site for backfill is done in consultation with the site management), concrete work, precast concrete, masonry, steel work, sealing work , insulation work, Temporary closing of the facade, concrete core activation, basic lines, lightning protection, foundation earth and derivatives, building entries for concrete, building entries, empty pipe installation ring drainage, Flchendrainage.
NEW YORK -- A union is asking labor regulators to go to court to force Wal-Mart to rehire all 2,200 employees affected by the abrupt temporary closing of five stores a week ago.
The committee also decided that alternative arrangements with mutual understanding would be made in case of temporary closing of medical departments in hospitals for periodic maintenance.
Tuesday marks the temporary closing of the Robinson Center Music Hall in downtown Little Rock for a $68 million renovation project.
The FAA and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey the said the incident forced the temporary closing of LaGuardia Airport, with one runway coming back into service around 7 p.
Public pressure and protests at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Cairo led to its temporary closing and the brief recalling of its ambassador in April.
Demanding a permanent solution--resettlement outside Yemen as opposed to financial assistance in Yemen--refugees set up tents outside the UNHCR building in Sana'a and began an 11-month demonstration that forced the temporary closing of the UNHCR office.
The mortgage has changed corporate hands a few times since the temporary closing.

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