temporary escape

See: reprieve
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Could I but reach that little bit of polished steel I might yet effect at least a temporary escape.
The mikkeli city center will ask for your offer of a modular space element for rent as a temporary escape space for the renovation of the school of sports in the context of this call for proposals and the accompanying documents.
They develop their own small-scale circus act, which they take to the living rooms of delighted wealthy patrons--a temporary escape from the dark forces forever at work in their lives.
Black Cats boss Simon Grayson, who worked with Snodgrass at Leeds, admits he can only offer him a temporary escape.
Perhaps temporary escape is what Chippendale is advocating.
For many refugees, the sport provides a temporary escape from their hardship and a chance to call time on the discrimination they face in their day to day life.
WCKF head volunteer retired general Edilberto Adan called for a never-ending effort to change and pursue a better life away from drugs as these vices only permit a temporary escape yet create a permanent damage among its users' lives.
It is said that the celluloid-world affords people a wonderful opportunity to escape from the harsh realities of life and slip into a wonderland of fantasies which offers the audience a temporary escape from the humdrum routine of everyday life.
Davodeau's tableaux of oranges and blues cast a melancholy but gentle mood over Lulu's journey, capturing the uncertainties and joys of her temporary escape and showing each character in a homely but charming light.
They provided relief from boredom, temporary escape from the traumas of combat, and a significant morale boost.
Just a few days after the nation celebrated Mary Jane Veloso's temporary escape from the firing squad, "social media influencers" loyal to Malacanang instigated on Labor Day a hate-filled and un-Filipino campaign against her mother Mrs.
Every day life and its monotony make a temporary escape all the more necessary and it comes through films.

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