temporary existence

See: mortality
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Angel had come as pupil to this dairy in the idea that his temporary existence here was to be the merest episode in his life, soon passed through and early forgotten; he had come as to a place from which as from a screened alcove he could calmly view the absorbing world without, and, apostrophizing it with Walt Whitman--
As Roy laments the idea of his temporary existence in his last moments of life, he expresses sadness over the meaninglessness of his unshared memories in the grand scheme of things.
It's physical and mental--and sometimes environmen-tal--and as an artist you're trying to overcome all of that to get something done, and then it has such a temporary existence.
The event, however, appears to be a fleeting or vanishing moment, and so doomed to only temporary existence, a criticism which has often been levelled at Badiou.
The temporary existence of Cintra was successful and has served its purpose, but today, the airlines' situation is very different," says Sanchez Ugarte.
Since then, it has lived a temporary existence at Glasgow's Museum of Transport while construction is ongoing.

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