temporary expedient

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These perpetrators use violence as a temporary expedient to meet needs and deal with uncertainty.
In the United States, it was the corporatist trends of the prewar New Deal that subsequently appeared exceptional; again, corporatism had been only a temporary expedient.
The company's original plan envisaged a brewpub in Danbury, with the Norwalk brewhouse serving as a temporary expedient.
When it was introduced by a Labour Government on its last legs in 1979, it was seen as a temporary expedient.
It was put in, in its present form, as a temporary expedient after the wrong application of the poll tax.
A government may use opt-outs as a temporary expedient to avoid holding a referendum on a treaty.
Given his attitude toward self-control, there remains the question of whether Hamilton might have succumbed to the temptations of a prostitute as a temporary expedient.
The "living wage" is a necessary but temporary expedient, which must exist until all people are helped to acquire private property.
In addition to that, European countries organised an evacuation programme, in which we participated, and quite a number came into this country, as a temporary expedient, to help people who were in serious need," said Mr Straw.
It was then used, as a temporary expedient, to determine the funding of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Offices.
He may have seen fit to grace the Championship, but Yorke sees it only as a temporary expedient.
At no time, however, did anyone suggest, as Lord Elis-Thomas now states, that the arrangement was a temporary expedient while people got used to the idea of women priests.

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