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Country: United States of America
State: Nevada

Hi, my name is Vies. I recently received my temporary green card. The marriage, however, does not seem to be working for my husband and he is willing to get a divorce. What are my chances of receiving a permanent green card if I get divorced now? What options do I have?


You will likely get it as long as immigration does not think the marriage was a fraud...
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My experience with the INS was--strange but true--marked with kindness, first by the young Vietnamese American who fast-tracked an appointment (it usually takes six weeks) and then by the official--an African American from South Carolina--who created a temporary green card for us and responded to my mother's, "Do you know where we can get fried chicken?
For Indians, Pakistanis and people in this region, the temporary green card process takes 10 months, according to Zamanian.
When the necessary two-year investment condition has been met and the proof of employment has been provided, an 1-829 petition is filed that will enable the lifting of the temporary green card restrictions and cause the green card to become permanent in nature.
Investors would get their temporary green card within six to nine months.
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