temporary halt

See: moratorium
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I saw then that I must fight, yet still I hated to slay them, and it was only as a final resort that I dropped two of them with my rifle, bringing the others to a temporary halt.
9 (ANI): Imposing a temporary halt on the long-pending Android-iOS battle, a study recently revealed that users of the former have higher loyalty than those of the latter.
The revelation came as PM Theresa May ordered a temporary halt to planned defence cuts.
The Iraqi federal government announced on Friday a temporary halt to the military operations against Kurdish forces in the country's north, that were aimed at federal forces controlling the international border crossings in Kurdistan and its disputed areas.
SPAIN'S constitutional court has ordered a temporary halt to a special session of Catalonia's parliament next week where regional officials are expected to vote on breaking away from Spain.
Meanwhile, Head of the Badrashin police station was notified that three wagons of a freight train coming from Tibeen neighborhood and heading to Cairo derailed and turned over, resulting in a temporary halt in the train movement.
amp;nbsp;Watson had imposed a temporary halt on Trump's modified executive order March 15.
Then, over the temporary halt in gunfire, voices from both sides of No Man's Land begin to talk, sing and break the silent night.
He admitted that the negotiations process came to a temporary halt, but we are not hopeless in this regard.
A CHEF yesterday begged a court to put a temporary halt to his bail condition - so he could collect his pet iguana.
Additionally, the company disclosed that patients who had received treatment with ETS2101 at the time of the temporary halt in recruitment were able to continue to be dosed in accordance with trial protocols.
The command center of the Provincial Police Office (PPO) of Agusan del Norte also ordered to temporary halt to the church's activities until the Explosive and Ordinance Device (EOD) Unit of the 13th Regional Public Safety Battallion has properly secured and disposed of the explosive.

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