temporary refuge

See: asylum
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I felt that I didn't know so well as Miles, and I took temporary refuge. "You want to go to your uncle?"
Although, the DCDRRMO reported preemptive evacuation along the Ulas River, the destruction of houses was conspicuous as residents sought temporary refuge in the bridge.
Residents of the affected coastal villages took temporary refuge in a barangay gymnasium and barangay halls, chapel and other buildings.
Scores of medical personnel and patients had vacated the Kidapawan Doctor's hospital in Kidapawan City amid the strong tremor and sought temporary refuge at the city gymnasium.
Plant barriers might include dynamic positioning systems; the temporary refuge; and some control valves.
"The Migrant Workers and Other Overseas Filipinos Resource Center will serve not only as a temporary refuge for migrant workers who may be in distress, but it will likewise be a center for their empowerment through skills enhancement programs, deepening of their understanding of their rights and obligations as workers, and engaging them in productive undertakings, among others," said Labor Attache Reyes.
The LTTE had forced hundreds of Muslims to flee Jaffna in 1990 and most of them sought temporary refuge in Puttalam, Colombo, Gampaha and Panadura.
They sought temporary refuge in the imperial reserve in Bophuthatswana.
Here, her handsome co-star is forever on the verge of self-inflicted annihilation, beholden to the demons of alcohol and drugs, which provide his veteran singersongwriter with temporary refuge from the tinnitus that will eventually deny him the pleasure of playing to adoring fans.
At the age of four, she joined her family in their pursuit of freedom and crossed the curtain, seeking temporary refuge in Austria before moving further west.
Given the immediate dangers, I am advocating for granting temporary refuge in Jordan to those in need of safety and for the international community to provide immediate and substantive support to Jordan, in a spirit of solidarity and responsibility sharing.
More than 3,600 villagers have been forced to take temporary refuge in schools and community halls.

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