temporary route

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It said the estimates ignored a proposed temporary route for short-term work, which would allow nationals of specified countries to come to the UK for a maximum of 12 months.
LANDI KOTAL -- The owners and drivers of non-custom paid (NCP) vehicles continue to suffer despite issuance of temporary route permits to them by the local administration.
He said the temporary route at Km16 was opened to all vehicles today following repairs at a cost of RM2.5 million were completed.
It is described as a 'temporary route' and is essentially a new airspace option for Qatar Airways aircraft departing and arriving at Doha (DOH) Hamad International Airport.
A diversion route will operate and will include Rawthorpe Lane, Carr Green Lane, Broad Lane, Southgate and Bradley Mills Road in the temporary route.
The winter schedule also includes the continuation of the London City service, which was initially introduced as a temporary route during the closure of the Severn Tunnel.
The business community has given a big thumbs up to the decision of Flybe to provide a temporary route from Cardiff Airport to London City Airport and hope it can become a permanent service The airline is launching the route to coincide with engineering work associated with the electrification of the Great Western Mainline from London to Swansea, which will mean the Severn Tunnel will be out of action for six weeks during September and October.
"Risk yourself going through the dodgy temporary route from Broad Street, Fletchers Walk, while Birmingham knocks the old library down."
On its way through the network, the RREQ message initiates creation of temporary route table entries for the reverse route in the nodes it passes.
But a promised new road never materialised and the club continued to use the single-track temporary route, angering residents.
But Palace did find a temporary route back into the game.
Meanwhile, to help ease the situation, Nakheel has today opened up a temporary route between Discovery Gardens, Al Furjan and the E77 (Al Yalayis Road), which connects Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Sheikh Zayed Road".

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