temporary settlement

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"The HC said that only after giving temporary settlement, the old houses in Ganji compound can be demolished," he said.
An observation by Bernama at Kampung Gerdong, which was the temporary settlement site of Semaq Beri tribe, found nearly 26 camps and huts were built in the village area.
The DC assured every possible assistance to irrigation officials along with police security and instructed that during flood days temporary settlement of affected population on embankments must be prevented.
Asked whether bilateral negotiations should take place in the case of a no-deal Brexit, he said that "if there is no withdrawal agreement, the EU and Britain will adopt a temporary settlement regarding vital areas of their relationship until a final agreement is reached".
The decision was announced via the Hebrew press and news sites to establish temporary settlement units for the settlers, who were evacuated from the settlement outpost of Hatavot that located on the land of the citizens.
The temporary settlement sits on the side of a highway, surrounded by barren fields.
This situation is generating significant humanitarian needs in transit zones, places of temporary settlement or host cities in Colombia, especially along the Colombia-Venezuela and Colombia-Ecuador borders.
At a recent pair of policy-wonk meetings held by the think tank RAND and at an awards dinner organized by the Pacific Century Institute, former diplomat Robert Gallucci, who was America's chief negotiator during the temporary settlement of the North Korean nuclear crisis of 1994, put this out as his bottom line: neither hawks nor doves in the ideological aviary know what they are squawking about.
A group of refugees at the Kutupalong Rohingya camp expressed doubt about the two "temporary settlement" camps Myanmar has agreed to establish on its side of the border.
A woman collects hygiene kits for her family at a Rohingya temporary settlement camp in Bangladesh -- IOM Photo/Muse Mohammed] "Without these vital funds, humanitarian agencies will not be able to continue to provide protection and life-saving aid to one of the most vulnerable groups in the world," said IOM Director William Lacy Swing during the conference.
Netanyahu then reportedly met with the settlement's regional council head Shai Alon and ensured him that the homes promised to the settlers would be excluded from the temporary settlement freeze, adding that the 300 settler homes would be advanced in September.
A group of Ethiopian pastoralists gather around a prostrate camel on the outskirts of a temporary settlement. Due to the ongoing severe drought, even this animal one of the hardiest in dry conditions --has become too weak to lift its own body weight.
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