temporary settlement

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A woman collects hygiene kits for her family at a Rohingya temporary settlement camp in Bangladesh -- IOM Photo/Muse Mohammed] "Without these vital funds, humanitarian agencies will not be able to continue to provide protection and life-saving aid to one of the most vulnerable groups in the world," said IOM Director William Lacy Swing during the conference.
Netanyahu then reportedly met with the settlement's regional council head Shai Alon and ensured him that the homes promised to the settlers would be excluded from the temporary settlement freeze, adding that the 300 settler homes would be advanced in September.
A group of Ethiopian pastoralists gather around a prostrate camel on the outskirts of a temporary settlement.
Many have found temporary settlement in the Bekaa Valley, close to the Syrian border.
It quoted governor of Damascus countryside Alaa Ibrahim as saying civilians were being transported for temporary settlement in the village of Al-Harjleh, in Al-Keswa.
The temporary settlement in schools causes serious problems like damages to the building, furniture and fixtures," he suggested.
Boulders and mud came sliding down a hillside and buried a temporary settlement of labourers who were working at the construction site of a hotel at Famla village on the outskirts of Tawang town, police said.
Pakistan Army not only successfully handled the crisis of TDPs' timely evacuation, benevolent temporary settlement but is also ensuring well planned rehabilitation.
The evidence retrieved indicates a temporary settlement, perhaps seasonally occupied or created whilst hunting.
Golinkin chronicles his family's emigration, which resulted in a harrowing bus ride through Ukraine (and the passing out of eight crates of vodka as bribes), temporary settlement in Vienna with other refugee families, and the rebuilding of their lives in West Lafayette, Indiana, with the help of American Jewish aid workers.
In addition to this large-scale exercise, working groups in the North and the South met regularly in order to update the contingency plan and to assess potential temporary settlement areas.
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