temporary settlement

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Golinkin chronicles his family's emigration, which resulted in a harrowing bus ride through Ukraine (and the passing out of eight crates of vodka as bribes), temporary settlement in Vienna with other refugee families, and the rebuilding of their lives in West Lafayette, Indiana, with the help of American Jewish aid workers.
In addition to this large-scale exercise, working groups in the North and the South met regularly in order to update the contingency plan and to assess potential temporary settlement areas.
Designing, planning and providing the minimum standards for emergency and temporary settlement are among the primary rights and requirements of those who are exposed to disasters or conflicts.
Farhadi also expressed Tehran's readiness to supply tents for the temporary settlement of the victims of natural disasters and the displaced communities in Tanzania.
The Company recently received the Notification from Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission Regarding Adjustment of the Temporary Settlement On-Grid Tariffs of Beijing Municipal Gas Fired Power Generation Enterprises (Jing Fa Gai[2014] No.
Azevedo pointed out that Brazil had been poised to move forward with trade retaliation approved by the WTO in the dispute before the two sides reached a temporary settlement in 2010.
Survivors) of the disaster have been provided with relief materials and temporary settlement," Shuaib said.
The planned colonial town (Hardwicke) was never built bur a temporary settlement named Enderby was created.
Obama's efforts to rekindle the Middle East peace process began with Israel's refusal to carry out a temporary settlement freeze.
The report also said that about 895,000 people originally moved into temporary settlement camps located in the vicinity of Port-au-Prince, and that no more than 375,000 individuals are currently living in the tent communities.
According to Hamood Shamaz al Batashi, sheikh of Hail al Ghaf, who also lives here, the main problem is the shortage of water and the roads inside the temporary settlement.
This means that the "efforts made by the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to convince Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were in vain" despite offering Netanyahu "up to $20 billion" in exchange for a temporary settlement freeze.
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