temporary stop

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Kirklees Council has served a temporary stop notice on Harron Homes, which means no more construction work can take place at the site off Crosland Road, Lindley Moor, for 28 days.
Earlier this year, a temporary stop notice was handed to 497 Hagley Road for breaching planning regulations while trading as yet another massage parlour called Bubbles.
Until Thursday, cross river services 1,2, 423, 487, X8, 18, 442, 473 use the Victoria Street and for services 407, 437, 464, 471 or 472 use Cook Street before 9pm and after that Victoria Street temporary stop or Victoria Street stop VE and for 432 or 433 use Cook Street before 9pm and Victoria Street temporary stop after that.
planned in the second half of 2017 despite a temporary stop to
Buses will instead use a temporary stop prior to the left turn into Davenport Drive.
Whether coming or going, most people who pass through the NBA Development League hope it's only a temporary stop.
Buses will not serve Newport Road or Glossop Terrace; instead a temporary stop will be in place on Fitzalan Place for customers who board at Newport Road or West Grove.
Lengthy queues had already begun to form at this stage and the temporary stop to admissions lasted no more than 15 minutes.
Some advocates of that drastic measure want to use the temporary stop of official talks to put pressure on Ankara to change policies and return to the reform path of the earlier Justice and Development Party (AKP) years.
State and local police officers were directing traffic throughout downtown and temporary stop signs were placed in the middle of some intersections.
Entrepreneurs have to stop production, while even temporary stop of production can have irreversible effects.
The ministry put a temporary stop to the plan in November 2013, when Hasikos said that it should be rewritten because it violated internal ministry procedures.

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