temporary stoppage

See: respite
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a temporary stoppage of traffic in both directions will occur for approximately 30 minutes.
That temporary stoppage of drilling dates backs to May 2014 and was extended several times.
The 2014 period included an expected decline in sales volume associated with the limited resumption of sales activity following the temporary stoppage of sales activities for the MGuard Prime EPS following our voluntary field action (VFA).
It means temporary stoppage and storage of the dispute with the possibility of resuming in the future, if it is not addressed satisfactory", an analyst told Sudan Tribune Saturday.
While hundreds of individuals attend the activity, Philippine embassy officials had called for its temporary stoppage in June for the observance of the holy month of Ramadan.
ON THE RUN: Supporters make it past stewards in the pitch invasion which caused the temporary stoppage of the game.
Rio's aluminium operations at Gladstone is also affected, resulting in controlled, temporary stoppage at its Alcan Yarwun alumina refinery which is running at reduced production rates.
As about 80 per cent of NATO's supplies transit through Pakistan, it is believed that the temporary stoppage was meant to remind the US how much it depended on the Asian nation for sustaining its military operations in Afghanistan, as the routes passing through Pakistan are not only cost-effective, but they are also the most convenient ones despite security threats.
It was a temporary stoppage move, but it would not be the last.
We are in favour of peace and reconciliation, but absence of violence is not the same as a durable peace, there might be armistices and temporary stoppage of attacks, but that is not a real peace," said the UK ambassador.
Although the dictionary defines a strike as "a temporary stoppage of [work] in order to bring about compliance with demands," historians can better understand a strike as a cultural act, as a drama which workers use to convey their messages to potential supporters.

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