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It also points out some important factors such as an increase in frequency of temporization and careful and justified decision of elective RCT by the dentists.
Upper posterior teeth were prepared and functionally generated pathway (FGP) impression was made using green stick compound (Figure 4) and temporization of the upper posterior teeth was done.
It is necessary that both are below thresholds to start temporization.
Facing the tendentious and relentless dialecticalization of the temporization of waiting before the Next, we might say that what we need, now, is a truly regulative ideal in the non-concept of zero: a cognitive oblivion or knowledge-death as terminus of scholarly hyperspeed, like the ideal of corporeal death that scares us off fast food.
Presuming the premises described above to be true, the next steps toward meaningful reduction in combat deaths would encompass improved clinical competence and advanced scope-of-practice for prehospital combat casualty caregivers, the accurate, timely and accessible acquisition of prehospital patient care records for both documentation and process improvement, and a technological solution for the initial temporization of casualties suffering from NCTH.
Making a temporization to wait for the electric arc to disappear.
Time construction in a single news story: a tripartite viewpoint In this study the time dimensions of news discourse are analysed from a tripartite viewpoint by probematising a) the genre-specific time structure of news which enables us to understand how current newsworthy events or issues actualise different time horizons of the past, present and future; b) the sense given to the relevant time horizons through their social categorization, and c) the narrative identity of the community expressed in the (national) temporization of an anniversary event.
Roosevelt had some role to play in these matters, though here as elsewhere he was a practitioner of temporization, expediency, and inconsistency.
The resultant effect of this forced migration is the temporization of space for blacks in the Diaspora.
Elements of I R F1 Structure Move Initiating Responding Follow-up (1) Head act: Initiating Responding Follow-up (1) primary class (Initiation) (Response) Head act: Elicitation Positive Endorsement subclass Requestive Negative Concession Directive Temporization Acknowledgement Informative Elements of F2 Structure Move Follow-up (2) Head act: Follow-up (2) primary class Head act: Turn-passing subclass
political bicameralism for which the second chamber (in certain unitary states) is the answer to some political imperatives such as: stopping the abuses, temporization of democratic dynamism, "guarantee of the reflexion" etc (17);
This is known as the temporization of work, redolent to the features of Fordist production.