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He is seen as trying to temporize with the aim of outwitting or exhausting his opponents, and he appears willing to drag the country into a civil war so as to stay on in power.
The refusal of the opinion to temporize or compromise will make it a political lightning rod.
However, the procedure "may help temporize situations, certainly in reoperative cases," she said.
What success these projects enjoyed was frequently determined "from below" as state officials needed to temporize, negotiate with, and even incorporate the values of their clients in extending their authority.
We must refuse, first of all, to temporize about the underlying symmetries of globalization and imperialism, and instead speak plainly about the shameful reliance of the free market on coerced labour and the theft of others' resources.
But when it comes to the Stoics, there is no need to temporize, as they were explicit, full-fledged natural law theorists.
So temporize for now, keep your connection to David to yourself, and see what happens, Rita advises.
Hatfield sees catastrophe overtaking us, while others would temporize for a global test.