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I can well understand, for instance, that she may have been tempted beyond human resistance.
"Tempted and friendless, self-abandoned to the evil impulse of the moment, this woman may have committed herself headlong to the act which she now vainly repents.
Though "God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone," as James explains in 1:13, He understands our human desire to do what's wrong.
Their love of God is so great that most things don't tempt them, though of course their freedom is not yet fully perfect.
To tempt means to put to trial, to test, or to persuade towards evil.
With so much work behind him, Pattison might be tempted to retire and live with his past accomplishments.
For example, try not to quit smoking during holiday seasons when you might be tempted to eat more.
Barca have even used Neymar as their secret weapon as they hope the Brazilian superstar may be able to tempt Luiz.
Spurs believe Lennon can play a huge part in their plans to challenge for Champions League qualification in the future, but a pounds 5million bid would tempt them.
Kinane admits he is "very tempted" by the chance of riding a Festival winner, as he could emulate his father Tommy, who won the 1978 Champion Hurdle on Monksfield.
There is a piece o folk wisdom about being tempted by the devil (who is, after all, a fallen angel): "The devil doesn't tempt chopped liver." This saying is meant to console someone in the midst of temptation.
Huddersfield boss Simon Grayson insists only a megabucks bid could tempt him into selling Scotland striker Jordan Rhodes.