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It was a fine day--I had some hours to spare--and I thought it likely, if I waited a little for him, that the Count might be tempted out.
Knowing your natural temper better than l, he could the better judge what arguments to use, whether of tenderness or terror, such as might prevail over your hardness and obstinacy, insomuch that you should no longer hide the name of him who tempted you to this grievous fall.
It was clear to him, and it grew more clear under closer scrutiny, that if she should finally decide on returning to Europe--returning to her husband--it would not be because her old life tempted her, even on the new terms offered.
Summary: Johannesburg [South Africa], Jan 18 (ANI): Forward Theo Walcott has revealed that former England captain Wayne Rooney was one `massive factor` which tempted him to switch from Arsenal to Everton.
Should he start, you might be tempted by 9/2 for a Newcastle player to be booked in the first 15 minutes.
HUDDERSFIELD and England second row Brett Ferres reckons Bath-bound Sam Burgess won't be the last League star tempted by union riches.
She may also have tempted you into keeping things hidden.
He said without congressional action, the president might well be tempted to do the same for everyone else here illegally, too.
Have you ever been tempted to do what you should rightfully not be doing?
However, with a tricky tie away to Newcastle today, and a history of self-destruction, plenty of punters out there are being tempted by the 15/8 against rivals United should City find a way to blow it.