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This is the most tempting Cadillac yet for Europe, but if you want one, you will probably have to buy from the dealer network because only small numbers have been sold.
TOURIST chiefs in Barbados are tempting more families to the Caribbean next summer with free kids' meals and two-for-one attraction tickets, after seeing a 10 per cent spike in bookings by Brits this winter.
It may not happen, but United have the easier two games to contend with and it was a price that was just about tempting enough to take.
Bearing in mind how much they cost these days, it must be sorely tempting for some people to prise them off and re-use them.
Who is offering all these delectable creatures as tempting food for a girl?
WITH the credit crunch biting harder by the day it's tempting to look at cheaper alternatives to the gym.
Next gig: Tempting Rosie formed at Kings Norton Boys School three years ago.
DAIRY farmer Bill Telfer says the economics of organic farming have never been tempting enough to lure him away from conventional production.
Speaking in an interview before his Anfield gig last weekend Sir Paul said: "I don't do much production now but it might be very tempting.
A psycho killer's bizarre inner ramblings and inexplicable violence make it tempting to stop reading after only a few pages.
Though it is tempting (too tempting for some) to point to this year's weather as exceptional, meteorologist Jeff Masters, founder of the weather geek site Weatherunderground.