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SIR ALEX FERGUSON admits he may be tempting fate, but the Manchester United manager has his eyes fixed on creating another chapter of footballing history.
I wish these players would stop tempting fate by making these mindless off-the-cuff remarks.
I hope I am not tempting fate by offering Mowbray the dreaded "vote of confidence".
That's better than your average insurance policy but I have to say, if that was me I'd feel I was tempting fate a bit.
Obviously drinking a lot of liquids right before bedtime--especially diuretics like tea or coffee--is tempting fate.
The rear of the model is, of course, less extreme in looks than the Avantime, but at the risk of tempting fate, I think this time round the French will come up trumps with this cute shaped hatch.
Putting a library in a glass box facing south is of course tempting fate to cook the books, but the stacks are kept to the Inner area, under the Intermediate floor, and so provided with a good degree of protection.
He has been tempting fate since his first election in 1990 and, with few exceptions, has generally come out on top.
But it goes far beyond young men tempting fate on the highway, in the barroom, or at the construction site.
I can't answer that because the second I say anything I'll get a load of points for tempting fate.
If Franz Ferdinand were to announce a visit to Sarajevo in August to perform their hit Take Me Out, now that would be tempting fate.