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Study 2 was designed to extend previous research on the tenability of vocabulary matching as a measure of progress.
Initial dimensionality assessments to evaluate the tenability of the unidimensionality assumption were conducted in LISREL (Joreskog and Sorbom 2006), a popular structural equation modeling software program.
Darwinian thought eliminated the tenability of statistical essentialism; natural variation is real and important, and mean values are constructs.
At the same time, and for very different reasons, the two powers at the apex of the bipolar system--the United States and USSR--viewed the long-term tenability of colonialism as counter-intuitive to their individual hegemonic goals globally.
It is regrettable that many IB/IM scholars have lost the ability or willingness to behave in such a manner, because the IB/IM field is riddled with highly political questions--for example, the transfer of jobs to foreign countries, the ethical tenability of wage differentiations, and the appropriate handling of dubious business behaviors at particular foreign locations.
These results, along with the goodness of fit statistics, further confirm the tenability of the model.
The move, which will leave the authority without a leader until October 14, puts an end to months of speculation over the tenability of his position.
The second issue is the degree to which the actual configuration and realities of this and other communities ask for adaptations and qualifications with regard to the tenability of what is considered the original package of communal members' rights and obligations.
leaders to assess the tenability of nuclear power: Germany quickly
Next steps in this work would include researching the tenability of the spheres pore size distribution such that the walls act as hydrogen selective membranes to prevent/minimize water and oxygen molecules diffusion into the spheres.
For the United States, the main threat is in terms of strategic tenability.
Rahner would later say that he was not particularly concerned about the tenability of the term itself, but that he was simply trying to make a statement about the absoluteness of God in relation to human beings.