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Such traffic condition requires smoke to be extracted as close to the fire as possible when tenability and safe egress are required on both sides of the fire.
Techniques for evaluating the tenability of the model assumptions can be found in Snijders and Berkhof (2008).
In the same line, Killgore (2000) tested the two-factor and the three-factor models and showed the tenability of both.
He has also consulted legal experts on the constitutional tenability of the ordinance.
Separate studies targeted the tenability of the static performance and progress features of the measure, what Fuchs (2004) has described as Stage 1 and Stage 2 research, respectively.
Though I cherish, like most people do, these areas and the respect for nature they embody, given the pervasiveness and the grave impacts of impalpable exploitation, I believe the tenability of the 'wilderness model' is today greatly compromised, from both an axiological and a normative perspective.
Cheah thus questions the tenability of cosmopolitanism, a discursive force he defines as underlying legal regimes of rights in the form of "an intellectual ethic, a universal humanism that transcends regional particularism" (Cheah 2007, 21).
The most prominent features of PTs are their good thermal stability both in the neutral and doped states and their wide electronic and optical tenability (24-26).
Sarabandi, "Dual-band reconfigurable antenna with a very wide tenability range," IEEE Trans.
The tenability of the hypothesis can be checked in the light of the above finding.
Yet there are serious questions being raised in cognitive science about the explanatory value, and indeed the very tenability, of positing the existence of sub-personal contentful attitudes--viz.
3) all these propositions should be given "equal weight"; (4) given 3, these propositions are defeaters for one another; (5) consequently, there's no tenability for any of these propositions; (6) in conclusion, any religious exclusivism is groundless, it is unwarranted.