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A tenacious man devoted to accuracy, Stroud spent hours on his hobby, his wife said.
The album also features songs and audio snippets from their animated YouTube series 'Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto'.
RSS Tenacious recently completed the multinational Ex RIMPAC in Hawaii and is currently on the return leg of its three-month deployment.
But Nigel, who works as a medical rep from Monday to Friday, already has big plans for whipping up further interest in The Tenacious B in 2018.
Mirror group editor-inchief Lloyd Embley said: "Don adored newspapers and was a tenacious, competitive (maybe I mean combative) reporter.
It's worth noting, unlike her three rivals, Miss Tenacious is a proven summer jumps performer, with all bar one of her victories coming between April and July.
This is what motivates me to be a tenacious teacher.
She describes herself as "calm, loyal and tenacious".
Tenacious "It's the oldest fixture in the world and the history inspires them.
The newly-formed quintet- Tenacious - beat off competition from performers from all over the north to take home the top prize in their first ever competition.
SUNDERLAND manager Steve Bruce has admitted he may have to rein in the tenacious instincts of captain Lorik Cana if he is to keep him on the pitch.
Persisting in one's effort to reach a goal often meets success, but when the goal is too difficult, tenacious pursuit of it can lead to health problems, according to a recent report in Psychological Science.