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The Parc des Princes showdown was always going to be about Wales' superior class, notably Bale and Aaron Ramsey, versus Northern Ireland's defensive organisation, resilience and tenaciousness in the tackle, coupled with who handled the nerves of the occasion best.
(To consider asking such questions, but then to refrain from doing so is not an option when the stakes are high and lives are at risk.) In other instances, important questions were posed, but perhaps not with sufficient tenaciousness. And sometimes, efforts to raise important questions were simply batted away by administration officials who did not welcome them or wish to engage them.
School Games Organiser for Calderdale Colin Crowther said:"This has been a fantastic opportunity for disabled young people and it is brilliant to see their tenaciousness, commitment and passion."
BECOMING THE BEDROCK OF AN EVOLVING TEAM The team that has shown so much promise over the last couple of months have managed to match tenaciousness with a touch more flair and poise on the ball.
"We shot in Detroit and there was a real kind of underlying spirit and a tenaciousness and pride that the people of Detroit have about their city.
One top GOP source who is actively involved with Republican campaigns in the small town that is rapidly transforming into a Buffalo exurb told us they credited the "tenaciousness" of the GOP's town justice candidate, Niagara County Sheriff's Lt.
They may be late, but CSCEC ME's five towers at the City of Lights are testament to the tenaciousness of both itself and Tamouh.
In general, Fry's texts promoting Post-Impressionism "demonstrate the tenaciousness of the old expressionistic vocabulary", while his reactions to competing avant-garde movements "document the overlapping of moral and aesthetic values that reveal Fry's formalism to be neither mechanical nor hermetic" (126).
The tenaciousness of shale, by way of relentless production efficiencies and cheap capex, remains the bigger deal, alongside the equally threatening impact of collapsing costs in renewable energy, particularly solar but also wind.
The tenaciousness and single-mindedness of the main character will resonate with readers who want to see Taylor succeed against the barriers set up against him and reclaim his former life.
Lori will always be remembered for her tenaciousness and positive attitude.