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In general, Fry's texts promoting Post-Impressionism "demonstrate the tenaciousness of the old expressionistic vocabulary", while his reactions to competing avant-garde movements "document the overlapping of moral and aesthetic values that reveal Fry's formalism to be neither mechanical nor hermetic" (126).
The tenaciousness of shale, by way of relentless production efficiencies and cheap capex, remains the bigger deal, alongside the equally threatening impact of collapsing costs in renewable energy, particularly solar but also wind.
The tenaciousness and single-mindedness of the main character will resonate with readers who want to see Taylor succeed against the barriers set up against him and reclaim his former life.
Lori will always be remembered for her tenaciousness and positive attitude.
HS2's supporters will doubtless be inspired by the Stephensons' tenaciousness, but skeptics may respond with a quote from the Father of Railways himself, who warned that "the rage for railroads is so great that many will be laid in parts where they will not pay.
Their goal is always personal care and attention coupled with tenaciousness to achieve the settlements and jury verdicts that clients who have suffered a personal injury, birth injury or medical malpractice injury deserve.
SS viscosity was defined as the thickness or tenaciousness of the secretions, using three different consistencies validated by critical care nurses: watery, thick, and gel-like.
And our mother, the tenaciousness of her beliefs notwithstanding, lacked the wherewithal to wrestle us to the ground by herself.
It's also about how much the past can dictate present and future - and most of all, it's about tenaciousness and rediscovery.
1998) (noting the court's confidence that if its declaratory judgment were violated "counsel's demonstrated effective advocacy and tenaciousness will no doubt attract the Court's prompt attention").
The cost of such tenaciousness was high: marginalization, stigmatization (sometimes within the very Kongo descendents of the island), and identification of the grapp a kongo with sorcery.