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Tenacity is a catalyst in changing the parochial mindset from accommodating a few employees to incorporating accessibility into the workplace communication infrastructure for all employees, regardless of ability or disability.
The Tennis for Tenacity Pro Shootout was put together last year in an effort to provide support and recognition for Tenacity, which has summer programs that teach tennis, literacy and life skills to underprivileged youths.
The strengths of treated cords were compared by stretching the cords to different lengths during the treating process and plotting the values versus tenacity (figure 2).
Last year, the Newton Square site set a Tenacity record, drawing 100 youths to the park's courts one day, according to Tony Brissette, director of the Boston-based group's Worcester branch.
As a Preferred Solution Developer, Tenacity receives extensive technical, marketing, and sales resources from across Cisco.
a pneumatic radial tire comprising at least two belt reinforcing layers, at least one of which layers being a belt reinforcing layer composed of high modulus polyvinyl alcohol fiber (PVA) cords or PVA fiber cords embedded in rubber, characterized in that a cord tenacity S (kg) and a cord elongation at break U (%) of said PVA fiber cord taken out from said belt reinforcing layer and an end count T per 5 cm of said belt reinforcing layer at a crown center portion satisfy the following relationship:
Tenacity in Worcester held its first Bill and Dottie Power Memorial Reception at Union Station in Worcester.
The selection of the museum is symbolic for the New York Chapter for a number of reasons, the most relevant being that the tenacity of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who flocked to our city laid the foundation for the ethnic diversity of New York, and their entrepreneurial spirit provided the impetus for many businesses that exist in our society today," said T.