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135; in terms of the English landowners, this led to a "moralization of economic relationships" with their tenantry, p.
She remembered Daddy keeping Leghorns 'pon the hill where we used to live before Daddy decided to move his chattel house off Balls' Tenantry land, and relocate it on buy ground, his dead and deceased father left for him and his brothers and sisters.
Colambre accordingly perceives the "squalid" and "melancholy" life of his family's tenants as "the picture of that to which an Irish estate and Irish tenantry may be degraded in the absence of those whose duty and interest it is to reside in Ireland, to uphold justice by example and authority .
especially curling, in which latter game he takes his place among his tenantry at the head of a rink, where he may be seen armed with a heather broom, sweeping the snow from before the stones.
In "The Tenantry of Birds," an emotionally abused woman rebels against the cage of a loveless marriage.
This changed sharecroppers into wage earners and effectively put them out of work, which in turn led to a huge decline in tenantry (62 percent in Mississippi alone) and to massive migration northward.
entry into the war, the enforced (through largely unintended) removal of the Southern tenantry (enforced by the New Deal's Agricultural Adjustment Program [1933-38]), received the further stimulus of a needy North Eastern labor market, deprived of its Atlantic immigrants by European conflict.
However, Porter goes on to associate it, albeit in the time of the Civil War, with similar folk traditions: 'sometime about the years forty and fifty of the seventeenth century', when 'that field formed a lawn-like glade', it was 'a kind of gala-green for the servants and near tenantry, on certain merry-makings, allowed, by long custom, by the munificent owners of the mansion' (iii, 16).
Baron of Birmingham [and] that lately he hath been not only attentive but generous to us, by donations to our hospital, and in the handsomest manner, gave his time and money and entertainment to our music meeting--and his tenantry are deeply interested in the Nail Trade.
Through a series of 20 vignettes, the heroism of everyday Islanders against the promises of "eternal tenantry and toward socialist ideals is played out" (Acorn, Program notes).
Consequently, most black South Carolinians lacked the financial stability and access to opportunities for economic self-sufficiency that land ownership and tenantry afforded their white peers ("Development" 765-67).