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The Delivery Period Is Tenative And May Vary At The Time Of Placement Of Order
STEP by tenative step, Matthew Spoors is walk-walking tall as he stands on his own two feet.
These emerging reforms are a long time coming and are still in a very tenative stage.
Washington, July 31 (ANI): Republicans and the White House have reportedly struck a tenative deal to raise debt ceiling before the August two deadline.
This year's tenative Twilight lineup has been beefed up with several top-ranked Americans, such as Maggie Vessey and Latavia Thomas in the 800, Erin Donahue in the 1,500, Britney Henry and Loree Smith in the
He'd been offered the top editor's position, but was somehow tenative in accepting it.
The date of the Showdown has yet to be set, but the tenative schedule of races has the Super Late Models running Friday night and the Grand Nationals running the following night Saturday.
There is a tenative look about Tranmere's away performances and it shouldn't be such a surprise, given the extent of the changes to the side since last May and the adjustments being made following the loss of two players - Ryan Taylor and Ian Hume - worth around pounds 1.
Castres edged 6-0 and then 9-0 clear as Munster began to creak, their cause not helped by the poor lines of communication that stalked their line-out play and the tenative play of O'Gara who spent most of the first half throwing wild passes and slicing his kicks.
18) These are rather tenative conclusions considering that the incarceration rate of France is one-sixth that of the United States.
Now UAMS has taken the initiative, the first tenative step, and established the Technology Transfer Program, incorporating what they call "one of the most progressive disclosure and patent policies in the nation.
Although the giants have refrained from entering the specialty beer niche with any weight, they have made several tenative efforts.