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Two of the three subscales correlate moderately with total suicide tendency scores, and the third one, AMGE, correlates weakly with total suicide tendency scores, but in the expected direction.
A second possibility is that there is not a causal relation between the appraisal of self-agency and the tendency to repair, but only a temporal co-occurrence (Parkinson 1997).
As understand from obtained data in Table 4, the empathique tendency scores of sportsmen differ greatly according to refereeing year variances [t(49)=7,178;p<0.5].
They were divided into a high social loafing tendency (HSLT) group (n = 35) and a low social loafing tendency (LSLT) group (n = 44).
the central tendency of their forecasts for core PCE inflation was lower - 1.0
And this historical process of painting's irreversible tendency toward textuality, a process that leads from Twombly to Robert Ryman, and from Ryman to Lawrence Weiner, disappears in such arguments about the mimetic motivation of Twombly's "walls." We suspect that such a lapse is innate to the method of the monograph itself, since it inevitably permeates all structures of representation with an underlying aspiration for causality and motivated meaning.
Vamac ethylene acrylic elastomers (AEM) have an inherent tendency to adhere to metals.
The Militant Tendency did a great deal of harm to the image of Liverpool.
The environmental features surveyed mapped closely onto four domains of topophilia: ecodiversity (the presence of flowers, water, and other elements of nature), synesthetic tendency (a commingling of colors, smells, and other sensory stimuli), environmental familiarity (which includes spaciousness and privacy), and cognitive challenge (which includes structural complexity and texture).
One aspect, symbolized by Apollo, is the tendency to desire escape from the finite real world and the human condition of embodiment.
However, he also emphasizes themes of Islam not as well known to Americans: its diversity, its tendency towards an "orthopraxy," its inherent respect for Judaism and Christianity (as "people of the book"), its lack of an institutional hierarchy, its geography as encompassing more than the Middle East, and its tendency not to separate religion and politics.