tender age

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Despite his tender age, England under-17 international Huddlestone has been an ever-present for the Rams this season.
Today, at the relatively tender age of 31, Goldman has created a profitable, one-of-a-kind farm (for the San Fernando Valley) in Reseda, and he has done it without having to dig a single shovelful of soil.
She caught the acting bug in a church panto at the tender age of five.
Becoming an Olympic champion in swimming's glamour event at the tender age of 19 - the average age of the other seven finalists was 25.
At the tender age of 17, Wayne will pinch most of the headlines.
At the tender age of 54, it hardly seems fair that a master of the stage and screen should be forced to pack up his saxophone and his dog Buddy and open a little Krispy Kreme shop in Hope, Ark.
And a family film is being made of The Visiters - misspelt by the author Daisy Ashford, who wrote the book at the tender age of nine.
Saucy ex-blonde Jenny McCarthy might act like a bimbo who would gladly strip for her lunch, but the 1993 Playboy spread that launched her career at the tender age of 19 was actually a traumatic experience for the Catholic-raised wannabe star.