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In many respects I am still that tenderhearted boy.
The opera plays out in a single act of live scenes as a poignant tale about a tenderhearted, lonely monster who kills by accident because he doesn't know his own strength.
We were very tough-minded on our standards for performance, but very tenderhearted with the people.
The bizarre--an elephant magically falling through the roof of a packed opera house--meshes with the dreamingly poignent--an orphaned brother and sister's wish to be reunited--in a tenderhearted tale that celebrates the connections between us and the courage it takes to follow dreams.
Fortunately, the man is tenderhearted and makes a trade "of sorts" for the dog.
The tenderhearted Mill Street woman, who is 60 years old, spent six hours yesterday morning and afternoon standing in her backyard on the bank of Patch Reservoir
Just ask San Marino, who were trounced 13-0 in qualifying by those tenderhearted Germans in September 2006.
Only a few of the animals survived in their cages, kept alive by stalwart staff members and tenderhearted locals.
It is hard to read this stuff without flinching or worse, not simply because one is tenderhearted about animals.
Tenderhearted folks that they are, pro-abortionists often compare the unborn to a parasite.
Frontmen Oisin Leech has a sackful of good tunes running the gamut from rockabilly (as on their debut recording Cats On The Table) to punk, dark folk blues and tenderhearted lost love songs.
A tenderhearted story about learning to get along with others, and deal with hard feelings without being controlled by them.